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The story of ARMSTRONG Table Tennis

The story of ARMSTRONG Table Tennis

It all started with a sponge...

In March 1939, the first president, Rikizo Harada started manufacturing table tennis rackets in Inari-Cho, Taito-Ku and Moved to Higashiogu, Arakawa-Ku, in 1946 and started full scale production of table tennis rackets. After 4 years, Armstrong was officially recognized by the Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTAA) and become the first chairman of Japan Table Tennis Official Industry Association. In the same year, they moved to Nishi Nippori where the Tokyo Table Tennis Hall was built also, and this become a training ground of Ichiro Ogimura who was a former no. 1 table tennis player and other world class players.

In 1952, the first president, Rikizo invented a rubber with a sponge. This was disruptive for the industry as for the first time, players could not rely on the sound to anticipate the ball and the ball effects were a lot stronger than without sponge. Hiroji Sato who was not one of the favorite players but used the sponge rubber, won the 19th World Table Tennis Championships in 1952 in Mumbay. In the same year "Armstrong Co., Ltd" was established. And in 1985, they moved back the headquarters to their current location, in Higashiogu, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo.


The famous Japanese star player is an Olympic medalist, winning silver at the 2012 Summer Olympics and bronze at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is known for having used Armstrong Attack 8 series rubbers.

She is a very talented young Japanese player who is on track to achieving great things. She was the winner of the 2016 Finlandia Open and has also won several medals from both the 2017 Summer Universiade and the 2019 Summer Universiade. She also uses the Armstrong Attack 8 rubber on her backhand.

ARMSTRONG table tennis players

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