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DARKER - CEGNA - Table Tennis Blades

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  • Authentic and brand new DARKER table tennis blades
  • Model: CEGNA series
  • Official and approved by JTTA

Professional Table Tennis Blade - DARKER CEGNA

  • Approved by the Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTA)
  • MADE IN CHINA following the traditional process used by DARKER. The manufacturing process is closely monitored by DARKER and each blade is checked in DARKER's Yokohama factory before being sold to guarantee a constant quality.


  • The Cegna rackets are made of 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of Auro Veil LS cellulose nanofiber.
  • Auro Veil LS is a completely new material made by specially processing wood. This sheet is made from a super material called cellulose nanofiber (CNF), which is five times stronger than iron and weighs only one-fifth.
  • By adjusting the Auro Veil LS for a table tennis racket, we have achieved a high balance with good momentum while being soft.


    - Round
    - Square
    - Round with black seal + cork back (no rubber back)
    - Square with black seal + cork back (no rubber back)
    - Penholder - Japanese
    - Shakehand - Flare
    - Shakehand - Straight
  • SIZES:
    - FL - Round: Blade 258 x 152 mm , Grip 100 x 25 mm
    - ST - Round: Blade 258 x 152 mm , Grip 100 x 23 mm
    - JPEN - Round: Blade 242 x 141 mm , Grip 80 x 21 mm
    - JPEN - Square: Blade 255 x 132 mm , Grip 92 x 21 mm


  • Material: 5 layers of wood + 2 layers of cellulose nanofiber (CNF)
  • Thickness: 6.3mm
  • Made in China
  • Models:
    - CNF-231FL: Round / Shakehand Flare grip
    - CNF-231ST: Round / Shakehand Straight grip
    - CNF-231KS: Square - 1 side / Japan Pen Grip
    - CNF-231KR: Square - 2 sides / Japan Pen Grip
    - CNF-231MS: Round - 1 side / Japan Pen Grip
    - CNF-231MR: Round - 2 sides / Japan Pen Grip


  • This item is brand new and shipped from Japan.
  • We ship worldwide using DHL and FedEx.
  • All duty and import taxes are to be paid by the buyer if any. These charges may be collected by the delivering freight company depending on destination. Please refer to the customs department of your country for import fees details.
  • Exchanges or refunds are only accepted if the item is defected. Returned items must be sent within 30 days of purchase and in the original packaging.
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