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The story of BUTTERFLY Table Tennis

The story of BUTTERFLY Table Tennis

From rubber to table tennis leader...

On a cold winter day in 1950, Tamasu Co. Ltd. came to life under the care of Hikosuke Tamasu, a Japanese WWII veteran with a love for table tennis. Mr. Tamasu’s vision was to provide the residents of his hometown with table tennis equipment, thereby encouraging the sport.

However, dissatisfied with the quality of rubber in his hometown, Hikosuke Tamasu started making rubber himself. This changed the company’s profile from a wholesale business to a manufacturer of table tennis sporting equipment. Tamasu Co. then launched a brand of table tennis sporting equipment named Butterfly.

In the early-mid 1950s, the company grew from simply making rubber and sponges to blades as well. Alongside, Tamasu Co. began interviewing players from all across the world, touching up on their views regarding table tennis equipment available to them. This led to continuous efforts in research and development, resulting in breakthroughs in rubber formula. Butterfly introduced several kinds of rubber such as ALLROUND D 13, TEMPEST D 13, SRIVER, Blythe, Tenergy, and Dignics.

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Its latest release is a new generation of rubber called BRYCE - a high tension system. Butterfly also released several rackets such as the Tamka 5000 series, Viscaria, Ameretat, Jun Mizutani, Haurvatat, and the Dignix series.

Early 1970 saw Butterfly launch its sub-company in Germany, called Tamasu Butterfly Europe. This manufacturing unit produced all sorts of table tennis equipment ranging from gear products to tables. In the early 1980s, Butterfly went on to open a training and research center in Tokyo where scientists and top players continued to innovate and design next-gen rubbers, sponges, and blades. Butterfly has opened several subsidiaries in the past two decades, such as Tamasu Butterfly Korea, Tamasu Butterfly China, and Tamasu Butterfly Thailand.

Aside from research and development of table tennis equipment, Butterfly sponsors several competitions and works with promising table tennis players from all across the world. Some of these notable players are Mizutani, Takakiwa, Tiago Apolonia, Bastian Steger, and Daniela Monteiro-Dodean.

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