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The story of NITTAKU Table Tennis

The story of NITTAKU Table Tennis

Over a Century of Dedication to Table Tennis...

Did you know that Nittaku was established in 1920? That’s right. The company is celebrating over 100 years of achievements as a table tennis specialist manufacturer.

Did you also know that one of the company’s earliest achievements was manufacturing premium quality balls (Nittaku PLS 3 Star Premium) that earned a certification from the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)? That’s right. Today, the Nittaku PLS 3 Star Premium is used in all major competitions - World Championships, European Championships, and the Olympic Games - and in competitions throughout Japan!

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The company also manufactures impressive blade series. Here’s a quick look at what they make:

  • The Acoustic uses special wood lamination technology to bring you an enviably powerful offensive blade with exceptional control and looping capabilities.
  • The Violin lines use String Instrument manufacturing technology to preserve the wood’s natural elasticity. With its excellent looping and close-to-table play, the series has been rated as one of the best five ply-wood blades for offensive players.
  • Other blade series by Nittaku include the Septear, Meister, Kasumi, Ludeack, and Latika.

    Nittaku is also renowned for its flagship rubber series - the German-made Fastarc rubbers. The series includes G-1 (speed and spin rating of 15.00 and 12.50,) P-1 (speed and spin rating of 15.50 and 12.25,) S-1 (speed and spin rating of 15.50 and 11.75), and C-1 (speed and spin rating of 15.25 and 12.25.)

    NITTAKU table tennis players

    Aside from supporting and sponsoring several star table tennis players such as Hina Hayata, Kasumi Ishikawa, Masataka Morizono, and Mima Ito, Nittaku also has the longest-running table tennis magazine —almost 900 months of publication!

    If you’re in search of original Nittaku table tennis equipment, you’ve come to the right place! NISHOHI is proud to be a distributor of Nittaku equipment.


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