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The story of JUIC Table Tennis

The story of JUIC Table Tennis

From importing to creating passion...

On September 10, 1970, Juichiya Trading Co. was established and was mainly importing and exporting tennis equipment. After 10 years, they obtained the approval to manufacture their own table tennis equipment from the Japan Table Tennis Association. In 1988, it was decided to change the company name to Juic Co., Ltd.

Since the 1990s, their equipment has begun to be used by top players in Japan and overseas, including Wei Qingguang, Olympic Gold medalist in 1988. In 2006, Juic was entrusted with a table tennis school at "Central Sports" for the purpose of popularizing table tennis in Japan. Since then, they received a plaque of gratitude from other associations and federations.

On top of making equipment under their own brand, Juic is also an importer in Japan of overseas brands such as Dr Neubauer (Germany) and Cornilleau (France).

JUIC table tennis players

Wei Qingguang (now known as Seiko Iseki) is a Chinese table tennis player, Olympic Gold medalist in 1988 and several times winner of national championships. Wei is currently a technical adviser for JUIC and participates in the development of their products.

Laetitia Lombardo is a french designer who has worked for John Galliano. She has now relocated to Japan and works with JUIC as a design advisor. She has designed some of JUIC bags and clothes and brings her "French touch" to the brand.

If you are in search of original JUIC table tennis equipment, you have come to the right place! NISHOHI is proud to be a distributor of JUIC to quality products.


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