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The story of VICTAS Table Tennis

The story of VICTAS Table Tennis

It all started with a ball, over 90 years ago...

When Yamato Takkyu Inc. first opened its doors in 1931, it had just one product: celluloid balls. From there, the company grew to achieve many firsts - from expanding its product line to include table tennis equipment, sportswear, designing the Japanese Men’s National Team uniform, working with notable players such as Koki Niwa, Liam Pitchford, Jang Woojin, and more recently, Benedikt Duda.

In 2011, Yamato Takkyu’s president, Koji Matsushita, launched a brand of luxury table tennis products. And so, Victas was born.

Koji Matsushita is a four-time Olympian competitor known for his astonishing defensive playing style. Is it any wonder that Victas catered specifically for top players and defenders? From the structure ply to the veneers and the rubbers, the Koji Matsushita blade offers a defensive player exceptional counter-hitting, blocking, chopping, and looping capabilities, not to mention control and speed.

Victas’ product range includes VENTUS and CURL rubber series and the ZX-Gear, Quartet, and Fire Fall series. Liam Pitchford's series, made from Zexion® carbon fiber placed under the outer ply, gives the player an energy-rich blade with plenty of control, superb speed, easy looping, and hitting. Their Koki Niwa blade uses Fleece Carbon for spin development, making it a great choice for modern attackers. The Koki Niwa blade also has reinforced ply that adds speed to mid-distance topspins and short touch shots.

> > See the VENTUS Rubber Series < <

In 2017, Yamato Takkyu Inc. formally changed its name to Victas Inc, signifying the start of a new era for the company. In 2020, the company integrated TSP and split its line into two: VICTAS and VICTAS PLAY.

NISHOHI is proud to be a distributor of VICTAS. We deliver their high-quality table tennis equipment, recognized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), to professional, amateur, and junior players worldwide..


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