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The story of YASAKA Table Tennis

The story of YASAKA Table Tennis

The creator of innovative table tennis equipment since 1947...

Every business has to start somewhere, and for Yasaka, it was the shared love for table tennis by Mr. Sakamoto and Mr. Hirosi Yaoita. Combining both their names YAoita and SAKAmoto gave the brand's name.

Their vision to provide the world with quality table tennis equipment saw the launch of Yasaka in 1947. The company grew to become the preferred supplier for top Japanese table tennis players in just a few years. A decade of innovation and experimenting later, Yasaka developed the perfect blend of natural and synthetic rubber. When paired with Yasaka’s new sponge, MARK V gave table tennis players new offensive capabilities, enviable speed, and great spin, looping, quick counters, and hitting.

Yasaka took the world by storm when Hans Alsér, a Swedish player, won the 1970 European Championships with MARK V rubbers. In the 1971 World Championships, the brand gained further recognition when 18-year-old Stellan Bengtsson won the first-ever single’s gold for Sweden using MARK V. He continued sporting MARK V rubbers during the 1972 European Championship and won the singles title. In 1973, Stellan and Kjell Johansson won the World Table Tennis Championship (and team.) Is it any wonder why MARK V earned the nickname as the “Swedish champion rubber?”

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Before the turn of the century, Yasaka ventured into blade production. The company worked tirelessly with Swedish players, coaches, and innovators to design and manufacture Yasaka EXTRA - a soft blade that offered players significant control and spins.

Committed to providing the world with top-quality table tennis equipment, Yasaka introduced a 17-layer blade called DYNAMIX. It offered excellent blocking capabilities, great control, high thorough angle - all perfect for attacking players.

YASAKA mark V Dynamix 17

In 2008, Yasaka found a new brand ambassador in Ma Lin, the only Chinese player to win multiple Olympic Gold medals in singles, doubles, and teams. Before retiring, Ma Lin earned several titles in the men’s team and doubles in the World Championships - all while using Yasaka equipment. Today, Ma Lin coaches aspiring champions and continues working with the brand in the development of new products.

Over the last two decades, Yasaka has continued to provide the table tennis world with high-quality gear. Among the most popular are the RAKZA 7, Hybrid Energy rubbers (Rakza 9 and Rakza X), Falck Carbon, Falck W7, Mattias, RakzaZ, and RakzaZ Extra Hard.

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Over 70 years of innovation, experience, and Championship grade equipment makes Yasaka a pinnacle brand in the table tennis equipment industry.

NISHOHI is proud to be the official distributor of Yasaka Co. Ltd. We deliver their high-quality table tennis equipment, recognized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), to professional, amateur, and junior players worldwide.


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