The story of KUSAKURA

Manufacturer of Judogi for over a century...

KUSAKURA was founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan as a sewing company. It soon specialized in making woven fabrics and men clothes with "Kawachi" cotton. Through the years, KUSAKURA focused on making high-quality Judogi. In the 1964 Olympic games in Tokyo, Judo debuted as an Olympic sport and KUSAKURA supplied the Judogi for the Japanese athletes.

KUSAKURA is the only company in the world to handle and control the entire manufacturing process of Judogi, from the weaving of the fabric to the making of the products. The Judogi and most other products are still made in Japan, in KUSAKURA's factory in Osaka, Japan.

KUSAKURA is certified by the "International Judo Federation" and the "All Japan Judo Federation". It is also widely recognized as the #1 provider of martial arts equipment for professionals, amateurs and juniors from all over the world.

KUSAKURA has used its decades of experience in Judogi to diversify into other martial arts and now offers equipment for karate, kendo, aikido, naginata, iaido, jukendo, kyudo, sumo and taiho jutsu.

NISHOHI is proud to be a distributor of KUSAKURA and to make their high-quality products available to professionals and amateurs worldwide.

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