The story of KUSAKURA - Martial Arts

Manufacturer of Judogi for over a century...

Kusakura’s origin takes us back 100 years to Osaka, the Japanese port city that was once home to a Samurai Commander remembered for his military feats. It was there that the founder of Kusakura paid tribute to the Samurai Commander by incorporating elements of his family crest into Kusakura’s trademark logo.

The company, founded in 1918, specialized in woven fabrics—especially "Kawachi" cotton—cutting, designing, embroidering, and more. Through sheer hard work and unshakable work ethics, the company earned a reputation for making high-quality Judogi. In the 1964 Olympic games held in Tokyo, Judo debuted as an Olympic sport, and Kusakura was the official supplier of the Judogi for the Japanese athletes.

Today, Kusakura is the only company in the world to handle and control the entire manufacturing process of Judogi, from weaving to tailoring. The company has also used its decades of experience in Judogi to diversify into other martial arts and now offers equipment for Karate, Kendo, Aikido, Naginata, Iaido, Jukendo, Kyudo, Sumo and Taiho Jutsu.

Certified by the International Judo Federation (IJF) and the All Japan Judo Federation, Kusakura has become the #1 provider of martial arts equipment for professionals, amateurs, and juniors worldwide.

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