The story of DARKER

Hand crafted Hinoki wood table tennis blades for over 60 years...

The history of DARKER begins in 1955, when the founder, Mr Okada, first started to make table tennis blades from Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress) in Tokyo, Japan. Mr Okada's goal from the beginning was to provide the highest quality table tennis blads made from only the best Japanese Cypress trees.

DARKER has built its reputation around the Speed Series, their one-ply blades made exclusively of Hinoki wood. DARKER carefully selects Japanese Cypress trees from the Kiso valley that were planted during the Edo period. These trees are 300-400 years old and are ideal for providing the highest quality wood. Six World Champions have used the Speed Series blades, which shows that DARKER is the preferred blade of professionals and amateurs from around the world.

To adapt to the ever changing table tennis world, DARKER has developed a different series of rackets, using a unique mix of Hinoki wood and Doroyanagi wood from trees in Hokkaido, and more high-tech fibers like "Izanas" (a super-strong polyethylene fiber developed in Japan) and carbon.

DARKER will never stop perfecting the art of crafting wood to make the best table tennis blades. Most blades are still handmade in their factory in Yokohama, Japan by craftsmen with decades of experience.

NISHOHI is proud to be the official distributor of DARKER and to make their high quality products available to professionals and amateurs worldwide.